News article: Q&A Privilege Australia
Q & A With International artist Martin Silva
July 10, 2015
Privilege Australia 
Can you please tell us a little bit more about yourself and your art practice? 
 "I was born in Uruguay although I have Italian, Portuguese and Spanish blood. As a kid, the colours and the beauty of nature also attracted me and I have always loved creating new things; I would recycle old objects to create decorative pieces, although drawing became my favourite hobby." 
 "15 years ago I left Uruguay to explore the world and to search for inspiration in different cultures and landscapes and now call New York and Amsterdam home." 
What is your major inspiration? 

 "New York definitely inspires me to keep painting and to get familiar with different colours, textures and medias. I love to visit new countries and cultures so I can add their colours and feelings to my paintings."  

What makes your art special?

 "It is always difficult to talk about your own work, from feedback I have gotten from others I have learnt that my paintings can be described as; an interesting blend of colour with an impressionistic twist often set in a architectonical background.” 
What medium do you predominately use to create your artwork? 

 “Acrylics and oil are my most usual media but also I play with different textures using organics elements.” 
What was it like to cooperate with Privilege Australia to design a tote bag? 

 "The collaboration with privilege excited and inspired me a lot. It is fantastic to see my painting of Amsterdam being printed on the eco-friendly Privilege bag! I hope the bag will add a little bit of colour to the daily life of the buyers of Privilege and at the same time I hope we can all become more aware of preserving our precious envioment." 

The fabulous Privilege Australia eco-friendly cotton tote bag with Martin's painting on it is available at selected stockists!!Q-A-With-International-artist-Martin-Silva/cu93/559b63650cf2585ebcdfdd1e
Today we are very excited to be interviewing renouned uruguayan abstract painter, Martin Silva. Martin opens up about how he mixes colour, image, and feelings with landscapes to create stunning artworks. Martin also chats about the fabulous eco-friendly cotton tote bag that Privilege Australia and Martin have collaborated together to create.